Why are African Prints So Popular?

African prints are here to stay


Ankara Maxi Dresses

African Prints stand out as one of the best fabric around the world. These print designs are believed to be synonymous to the African continent especially West Africa. African Print designs are very versatile and retain a certain boldness, vibrancy and richness. 

Currently, designers all over the world are very eager to introduce a lot of prints in to their brands and that has been a major drive for African prints to become a major global fashion piece. We are lucky to be living in these times where these bold designs and bright colors brighten our days. There are obvious reasons why African Prints stimulate the fashion sense of many and are a style phenomenon all over the world.

The vibrant patterns

Wine Star African Print Maxi Skirt by Oludan

Wine Star African Print Maxi Skirt By Oludan

African Prints’ vibrant patterns are a great fascination to many allover the world. They are usually carefully crafted to many different patterns from which fashionistas can choose from. The print designs are made with a certain degree of uniqueness. New patterns are introduced to the market every now and then. This ensures that all fashion conscious people all over the globe have something to look forward to every single day. Thanks to African Prints we have something to look forward to every single day.

Their Versatility

Osayomo Midi Dress


African Print designs can actually be used to make any item of clothing you need. They can be used in tailoring dresses, tops, skirts, shirts, trousers and many other clothing. This versatility means that people from all walks of life want to buy African Print designs for different uses. They can be used for both casual and official wear clothing. This has led to a market that is constantly growing as more people are willing to be a part of this revolution in the clothing industry. Many business people and designers have therefore introduced these vibrant colorful designs to their different brands.

Usually Colorful

Ankara Maxi Skirt Set

African Print Fanshe Skirt Set

African Prints are the most colorful designs in the world. We all can use some colors in our lives to brighten our daily moods. It always feels nice to walk around in colorful cloth designs. Many color conscious people in the world are opting for African Prints as they are the only designs that perfectly in cooperate colors with our clothing. The other fascinating thing about colorful prints is that they are known to look great on any complexion. African print designs complement all skin colors and you are sure to look amazing all day long.

Comes in 100% cotton material


There is definitely no limit to the many different ways that African print designs can be crafted but the most important fact about these fab pieces is that they come in 100% cotton material. We all love cotton clothing and this is why these African prints are not going anywhere soon if anything. The dynamics of these prints keep getting stronger each new day. Cotton fabric cloth designs are undoubtedly the most sort after all over the world as we all want to look good and feel good at the same time.

 Rich cultural heritage

Akai African Print Maxi Skirt

African Print Dashiki Skirts By Oludan


African prints being sold today are simply not just a great mixture of impressive patterns and bright colors. These prints make use of colors that represent and also symbolize important roots for different African people. Different African people will normally wear different color clothing to different ceremonies and occasions. Many people in the world are always fascinated by this rich African culture. They have for many past years been a part of this culture by opting to wear different African Print designs. There is nothing better that wearing cloth designs that not only make you look great everyday but also have some sense of belonging. People in the world are willing to embrace and be part of the impressive and broad culture and this has been a major factor to the increased use of African print designs like Ankara over the past centuries.

Modern day celebrities

Rihana in Ankara

Rihanna in an African Print Dress


African print designs continue to gain more popularity, attention and exposure as they have become a common fashion choice for more popular celebrities and personalities. Many celebrities who are big in the fashion scene nowadays include these outstanding designs in their wardrobe collections. It is a common thing nowadays for us to see amazing shots of celebrities on the red carpet dressed in long amazing dresses showcasing cool African print designs.

Gwen Stefani in African Print - Oludan

Gwen Stefani in an African Print Dress

Models have also been a part of these spectacular scenes on their catwalks as well. One thing is definitely for sure, African print designs are here for eternity!


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