The United Colors Of Oludan

Sometimes, all you need is a splash of color in the bowels of gloom. Trust me, it makes a difference.

Express and manifest your best version in a razzmatazz of colors. After all, it is one life to live; when there's life, there's hope. Why not make the most of it?

Make colorful hay while the style sun is shining. I can guarantee you will stay in people's thoughts longer than you imagined. 

Enjoy our United colors of Oludan video below. We made it with you in mind:)

Transcend seasons in this chic, unisex, African Print Ola Bomber Jacket. Bursting in black, red and white colors, this stylish jacket will announce your presence any day, any time. Can be worn formally or street style. It is up to you.
Take your head wrap game to another level with our African Olutaja head wrap and matching clutch. Bright vibrant colors adorn this head wrap and matching clutch making them a very stylish combination.
You will ooze of opulence and royalty in this African Print Gbapụta Maxi Dress. A beautiful reason to get dressed up in spite of what the weather or life in general is saying.  A pretty black, purple and peach print, with a nice pattern and a smocked bust makes this striking maxi dress an instant favorite.
Stylishly fall into Fall and other seasons in this mesmerizing African Kente Onime Maxi Skirt With Elastic Waist. This full length, flowing maxi skirt features a popular African print that's timeless, traditional and fashion-forward.

If you can't stop thinking of it, Buy it.

Good Christmas gift idea.

After all, life is short to miss out on a good deal.

It is time to show off your Purse-o-nality. 

Check out our beautiful clutches.

Our African Print Omo Smocked Midi Dress is crafted for flattery, perfectly proportioned to fit your frame and a testament of the femininity of figure hugging. Off the shoulder cut with short sleeves and a flared helm makes it a sensational hit.


Our show-stopping Rainbow African Palazzo Pants is a very stylish and dramatic addition to your wardrobe. Comfy elastic waist, two pockets, a good length and cut makes this pants of many colors a happy story to write home about.  

Thank you for taking the time to relish in our oasis of colors. Until next time, stay safe and blessed. 






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