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Get in the Holiday Spirit with African Prints

May Oyairo

Posted on May 01 2019

Get in the Holiday Spirit with African Prints

African print is a major part of every African's heritage, and the holiday season is the perfect time of the year to showcase our personal style. Whether you wish to incorporate shimmery pieces into your style, or make a statement with your wax print, keep on reading for our fashion tips that will surely inject some holiday spirit to your favorite African prints.

  1. Make a bold statement this holiday season with African prints.

African prints are known for its bold, colorful, and festive look, making it the perfect for the holiday. If you usually opt for classic prints like leopard, stripes, and polka dots, it’s time to get colorful with African prints. Do you know that Tom Ford’s latest collection boasted Eighties-inspired leopard prints in rainbow hues? That only proves that bold, bright colors are in this holiday season.

Instead of rocking any other print, why not opt for colorful African prints that will also show your love for your culture and tradition, while making you stylish and fashion-forward? A great thing, African prints are always in cheery and punchy shades, so your options to look stylish this holiday season are endless.

The key is to opt for African prints that reflect your personality whether you’re sophisticated, classy, trendy, or feminine. While African prints featuring floral motifs and pastel hues will give you a more feminine vibe, wax prints that feature eccentric patterns and bold hues will give you a more fashion-forward vibe.

  1. Add some holiday sparkle to your looks with sequins and metallics.

This time of the year, holiday parties, office parties, and family reunions call for a more festive and stylish look. Thankfully, African prints and sequined pieces will make getting dressed more effortless. If you’re still on doubt on wearing glittery outfits this season, start with your accessories. A sequined clutch, statement necklace, chandelier earrings, embellished pumps or a metallic handbag can add some glam to your African print outfits.

To embrace a more holiday vibe, think of teaming your African print ensemble with a metallic or sequined piece, whether it’s a blouse, skirt, pants, or a blazer. To wear glittery pieces on the day, team your sequined ensembles with a more casual piece that will give a good contrast, while avoiding an over-the-top look.

  1. Complete your festive look with statement accessories.

This holiday season, more is more—so don’t be afraid to wear your statement accessories with your African print outfits. The key is to go for a statement piece that will look great with your wax print. You may think of going for matching color of your outfit and accessories, or a handbag that will add pop of bold color to your looks.

If you wish for a more fashion-forward look, go for unexpected color combination, making everything a bit unexpected yet stylish. A statement necklace, bold colored handbag, studded clutch, and metallic heels can go a long way. Remember, bright colors attract attention and let us stand out this holiday season.

  1. Don’t be afraid to mix African prints with stylish patterns.

Mixing prints used to be a fashion faux pas, but nowadays it is considered trendy and fashion-forward. If you’re thinking of mixing your African prints with other patterns, always keep in mind that prints of the same family in different colors, and dissimilar prints of the same color will always work.

If you wish to make your print mixing more cohesive, opt for a colorful African print on your outfit and pair it with a neutral colored African print on your bag. As long as the two or three prints you’re mixing have something in common, they will look put-together.

  1. Dress up your casual pieces with African-print ensembles.

African prints are statement making—so you can think of wearing them to dress up your most casual pieces, and to add some creative flair to your neutrals. If you usually wear your plain top with a skirt or jeans, think of an African print matching set, whether it’s a blouse and skirt, or a blazer and trousers that will refresh your basic staple.

If you’re not a big fan of statement accessories, you can easily infuse some holiday vibe to your casual style with African prints. Just opt for bolder patterns and colorful prints that will give you that festive holiday vibe.

  1. Make your party outfits a bit unexpected with African prints.

Do you still remember when a teenager silenced her teacher by wearing a stunning African print dress to her prom? Makalaya Zanders really wanted to wear an African printed dress to her high school prom, but her teacher made a hurtful comment that it "wasn't really something you wear to prom."

A great thing, she showed up to prom in a beautiful royal-blue Ankara print mermaid style gown designed by DeAndre Crenshaw. She even wrote on Instagram that her dress was to make a point that African style is beautiful, and she is comfortable with her Melanin and roots.

Makalaya said to ABC News that when she was younger she was told that she’s too dark and such. "I didn't grow up with black Barbies besides Brandy. As a young girl, I thought I didn't fit that standard, traditional definition of beautiful." Thankfully, after the dress went viral, the teacher has since apologized to Makalaya.

Yes, everyone has the right to embrace one’s culture and tradition, and show it off through one’s personal style. So, think of wearing African prints to make your holiday style a bit unexpected yet more personal.

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