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8 Style Tips That Will Make You Look Fashionable Every Time

May Oyairo

Posted on May 11 2019

8 Style Tips That Will Make You Look Fashionable Every Time

Some women are great on mixing and matching their wardrobe, while some are slaying the fashion game with their unconventional yet stylish outfits. A great thing, knowing a few fashion secrets will make the difference to your look. So, keep on reading for the 8 style tips that will make you look fashionable every time.

  1. Focus on the perfect fit.

The first step to looking fashionable is to make sure all the clothes in your wardrobe fit perfectly on you, which means slouchy tops, baggy jeans, too tight pants, and ill-fitting dresses are out of the equation. If you can, take your store-bought clothes to a tailor. After all, the perfect fit will make you look great, will accentuate your curves, and make you several pounds lighter.

Have you noticed that oversized and shapeless garments don’t actually hide your size, but instead make you look bigger than you are? Also, you may think of choosing silhouettes that skim the body, and flattering cuts for your body shape.

  1. Add some pop of color to your neutrals.

While black is timeless, adding a pop of color will breathe new life to your go-to pieces. Yes, you can make smarter sartorial choices by investing in neutral pieces that could last for years, but elevating your look with bold pops of color will be great too.

If you’re still on doubt on wearing bold colors, you may start with jewel tones—think of ruby red, amethyst purple, sapphire blue, emerald green and such. But if you’re bold enough, you can even rock the color blocking trend, while letting your neutral pieces serve as a backdrop of your colorful outfit. Pairing complementary colors will look fresh and fashion-forward too.

  1. Update your basic pieces with stylish prints.

Neutral ensembles are highly versatile—you can create endless looks from them, and can be worn multiple times in a row without anybody noticing, but sometimes they can be boring too. So, think of incorporating African prints, classic stripes, trendy polka dots, floral patterns and such to revamp your basic pieces.

For instance, pairing your classic white shirt with an African-print skirt will give you a more fashionable look, and will take you from office to parties.

  1. Less is more.

Coco Chanel once said, “Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” It’s one the sartorial rules you can follow to get a stylish look. Do not over-accessorize and never overwhelm your face with makeup or flaunt too much cleavage or leg. This way, you’ll make it seem like you didn’t spend more than five minutes in getting dressed.

  1. Develop your personal style, and say ‘no’ to most trends.

Whether you’re living in fashion capital or not, you should not religiously follow trends. In fact, French model and influencer Julia Roitfeld told Vogue that she’s into buying clothes that make her feel pretty and flatter her, but never cared about having the latest thing.

So, simply review the new season’s trends and select one or two items to update your look. If you want to update your wardrobe with a few trends, you can start with accessories. Also, you can express your love for your culture and tradition with your style—think of African print outfits, along with African-inspired accessories that will make the statement for you.

  1. Mix casual and dressy pieces to look effortless.

Looking fashionable is less about appearing perfect and more about appearing effortless. Instead of wearing all casual items or all dressed up items in an outfit, strike the balance between two styles so you’ll create a stylish yet effortless look.

If you’re looking for the comfort of jeans but want to look more polished, go for a dressier top and add a statement necklace and a stylish handbag to transform your weekend style. Instead of going for sneakers, think of stylish flats like oxfords, brogues, ballerina shoes, and even boots that will make the difference.

  1. Never sacrifice comfort for style and vice versa.

If you think you need to wear high heels all the time just to look stylish, think again. Flats can be your best friend whether it’s a pair of loafers, boots, ballet flats, brogues, or oxfords. After all, nothing ruins a good day faster than agony caused by stiletto heels.

Also, you may think of selecting comfortable fabrics that will make you feel great. If an outfit isn’t comfortable, you aren’t going to wear it often—no matter how good it looks. Opt for knit tops and silk dresses, as well as skirts and pants with some stretch to keep you comfortable and stylish all day.

  1. Dress to feel good, not to show off.

At the end of the day, you should wear what makes you feel good and happy. So, avoid dressing up just to make an impression or to fit society’s standards. Instead of following the latest trends and wearing designer labels head-to-toe, think of fashion with a sense of playfulness and “if it feels good, wear it” approach. You can definitely use your style to express yourself, but it should to suit your life, not be your life.

By heeding these tips, you’ll be able to throw together the perfect outfit every time, making your everyday style more sophisticated and a whole lot more enviable.

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