7 Ways To Wear Coral Color

From mixing bold prints to pairing unusual color combinations, African women know best. The “Living Coral” color is selected by the Pantone Color Institute, and it will surely take the sartorial scene by storm. Before putting your most stylish foot forward in an orange-pink piece, keep on reading for the 7 ways to wear coral color.

Select a “Living Coral” shade that flatters your complexion

According to Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, the team chose Living Coral as the It-shade of the year because “it reinforces our desire for optimism and playful expression.”

When it comes to the Pantone color, the institute says that the shade itself is vibrant yet mellow—and the key is to select a shade that will bring warmth to your complexion whether you have a cool or warm toned skin. A great thing, the color has a golden undertone and can be universally flattering.

Get a fashion-forward look with unexpected color combination

Coral top

Do you know that Pantone even said that Living Coral truly “represents the fusion of modern life”? A great thing, Living Coral is a versatile color that pairs well with every other color.

Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, add some creative flair to your office looks with a coral dress infused with some pops of pink, taking her corporate office outfits to the next level. Or, double the trendy statement with a pair of leopard print pumps, making your bold colored outfit more fashion-forward.


Prints with a touch of coral will add some personality to your style

Coral African Print Dress


When Pantone chooses its Color of the Year, their choice is more than just the industry trends, but also taking the wider socioeconomic and cultural state of the world in mind. Do you know that the “Living Coral” is a very timely choice—it is linked to the effects of climate change, especially on our world’s coral reefs.

You may think of floral prints and tribal patterns, but going for timeless gingham, polka dots, checks, stripes, and hounds tooth with a hint of coral looks chic too. To make your style more intentional, think of a coral colored piece that will look cohesive with your prints.

Add some pop of color to your neutrals with a coral piece


If you feel like your neutral wardrobe too conservative for the weekends, giving you that super-corporate office look, simply rock it with a coral-colored ensemble. A great thing, you may still opt for a coral colored blouse that looks professional and modest for the office. Just complete your looks with a pair of black pumps and a leather handbag that’s perfect for a professional woman.


Dress up your denim items with coral ensembles


A coral piece is a great choice if you want to dress up your everyday denim without going for more blinding shades. A great thing, the shade just screams summer vibes, but will also add some warmth to your cold weather outfits. If you want to get a feminine look for the weekends, the Living Coral color itself will give you a romantic look without trying too hard.


Trade your classic black dress with a coral dress

Coral African Bridal Wear

If you’re looking to break away from classic little black dress that you usually wear from weekends to parties, consider going for coral dress that will give you a feminine flair in a more vibrant and festive way. A great thing, you can go for a versatile dress style that you can dress up or down, or go for a statement-making one that will make heads turn at a party.

Amp your look with a coral accessory

Make a bold stylish statement with a coral accessory.  Coral Beads are very popular in the African setting for their lustrous beauty and history of being used as jewelry since pre-historic times.  They are seen as true signs of royalty and adorn kings and members of the royal household. Slay in one or a simple coral accessory to pop your ensemble. 

African Coral Beads

Coral beads on an African bride

By heeding these styling tricks, you’ll be able to rock the color trend of the year while making your style bolder, brighter, and more dynamic this 2020.

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