7 Unique Ways To Wear Your African Print Skirt

African Print skirts are definitely a great statement piece in the African fashion realm. They are timeless and engraved in the minds of many. These skirts can be worn formally and informally. The top and accessories you use to coordinate your skirt thrusts you on the path of classy or tacky. Always be mindful African fabrics are vivacious and colorfully patterned. Less is more with the right touch. Here are 7 unique ways to wear your African Print skirt with panache and confidence.Thank us later for the compliments galore you'll receive:)

The Crop Top Style 


African Print Apo Midi Skirt

Flaunt your African print skirt combined with a matching crop top and get ready for the influx of flattering comments coming your way. This popular trend is not going away any time soon. Use this combination as an opportunity to showcase the vibrancy of your African print, the results of going to the gym, and most importantly, your sense of style.   


May Olusola

Blazer and African Maxi Skirt 

Oops, who would have thought a blazer and an African print skirt have anything in common? It is obvious they have so much untold harmony. I mean, just take a look at the accompanying image and tell me if I am hallucinating or stating an obvious fact:) If you want to stand out, I mean, really stand out, just combine your African print mini, midi or maxi skirt with a blazer and the rest is fashion history. 

Spaghetti Strap Top 

African Print Gbono Maxi Skirt

African Print Emmanu Maxi Skirt With Elastic Waist

What beats looking very well put together with little or no effort? Welcome to the world of "effortless chic" wearing a spaghetti strap blouse on an African print skirt. This is a staple in most women's wardrobe especially the black or white color ones. Spaghetti strap blouses work perfectly with most types of clothing. Rocking your African print skirt with a plain colored spaghetti strap is an absolute style spice. It is perfect for a casual and formal look depending on your accessories. 

Matching Top and Skirt 

African Print Adesuwa Maxi Skirt

                                                                                           African Print Adesuwa Maxi Skirt

If you bought an African print skirt with its matching top (co-ords or matching separates), hey, there's nothing wrong in rocking the set when ever you feel like it. After all, two is better than one and most importantly, minimal brainpower is expended in choosing what to wear. (It is a chore for most of us to choose what to wear in a jiffy and be pleased. How you rock your African print skirt set depends on the right shoes, bag and jewelry - they will make or break your look. Since African print fabrics are sort of loud, it is advisable to use plain colored accessories to discourage an unnecessary cacophony of colors.                              

The T-Shirt 

African Print Omai Maxi skirt

African Dashiki Irapada Maxi Skirt

A million rounds of applause to whoever invented the T-Shirt. For real! What would we do without this fashion oxygen? They are your go-to for a low key vibe or a dressy, casual look. Tucking your t-shirt into your African print skirt does wonders for your silhouette and style. You will either look like the Belle of the ball in your African print skirt or an undeniable fashionista in your midi skirt.  Fortunately, a lot of Oludan skirts come with a thick waist band that streamlines the wearer's waist. So, if you want comfort and fashion in a swoop, you cannot go wrong with this combination.                            

Long Sleeve Top 

 Blue Record African Midi Skirt

African Print Adaugo Midi Skirt

You can also pair your African print skirt with a long sleeve top. There are different types of necklines that you can choose from to compliment your overall look. The color and style compliment your style. Most times a slim fitting long sleeve top is perfect.  

Off the Shoulder Top


                                                                             African Print Ifueko Maxi Skirt

If you are looking to dress up your look with alluring sophistication, an off the shoulder blouse with your African print skirt is one way to do so.

I could go on and on with other options to rock your African print skirt but I will cap it for now at seven. (There will most likely be a continuation blog post in the near future).

Until then, remember African print skirts are definitely an interesting addition to your clothing collection. Buy one today and brighten the world with your smile and style.

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