7 Trending Braids Style To Wear This Fall

By Moyofade Ipadeola

When we talk about interesting relationships with beauty rituals, omitting a black woman's affair with her braided hair is an incomplete story to write home. That's one strong bond, isn't it? No one really knows the attraction, perhaps it's because it's the only way our kinky hair could be tamed!

In the past, everyone's braids looked pretty much the same. But now, there's so much fun variety, which has further deepened the love we share with braids. 

So, you're looking for trending braids hairstyles to rock this fall? This way, please. Here are seven trending braided hairstyles you can choose from. 

Triangle Chunky Braids

Chunky braids

Yea, this year has thrown some interesting chunks at us and it's time to retaliate. With these lovely chunky braids, you stand a chance to win the year. Throw in some colorful extensions and you're set for that party, the office or just drinks with friends. 

Ombre Box Braids

Ombre Box Braids
If you're yet to make box braids, you've been missing out big time. Not only is the layout spectacular, it oozes of sheer class. Add to that ombre extensions and you're set to steal the show. The confidence that comes with knowing you're looking so fabulous is indescribable. You really have to wear it to feel it. 

Side Twists

Side Twists Braids
How do you like your tea? Hot perhaps. Some like theirs iced. If you're not the normal Jane and you'd love something different and classy, then this is for you. This side twist is a blend of the traditional and cosmopolitan in a very sophisticated way. It's featherweight, so your neck can breathe. It's also a great protective style, something you need so badly this fall. 

Braid Bun

Braid Bun Style
This is a millennial version of our fore mothers' favorite hairstyle, and we're loving it! This classic up do lets you show off your clean scalp, and the braid bun frames your face perfectly. If you have glowing skin, this is the time to flaunt it. Put on dangling or dropping earrings and you're sure to take people's breath away with this trending braids style. 

Lemonade Braids

Lemonade Braids
If you ever have a braids goal, kindly let it be this. You really can't consider yourself fashionable and not make lemonade braids at some point, can you? Little wonder Beyonce herself couldn't resist it. This trending braids hairstyle simply sets you apart from the regular braids crowd and makes you the cynosure of all eyes. But it's a no-brainer, really. Everyone wants a glass of lemonade, not so?

Two-layer Braids

Two Layers Braids
Also known as two steps, this braids hairstyle is timeless. It's been around for the longest, yet it still trends. It's probably because it suits  any face shape. All you need to look smashing with this hairdo is a face. You can also style it in multiple ways to suit your dressing, mood or outing. 

Bohemian Braids

Who says you can't have the best of both worlds? Not us! This style lets you rock braids and weaves at the same time. If you don't like the weight of extensions, then go for this sleek braids hairstyle. A part of the extension is let loose to give you a fuller, wavier look without the weight. It goes well with a triangle or box pattern. You can also choose between the short or long one. Anyone you choose is bound to stop traffic. Prove us wrong!

Bohemian Braids

Bohemian Braids

Braids are us and we are braids. Braids can never go out of fashion. It will keep evolving and we'll keep rocking it. Tell us, which of the trending braids hairstyles are you opting for this season? 

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