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6 Accessorizing Tips to Make Any Outfit Amazing

May Oyairo

Posted on May 13 2019

6 Accessorizing Tips to Make Any Outfit Amazing

Fashion is an art—you can express your individuality while honing your creative skills. Accessorizing your outfits can make your every day style unique, fashionable, and personal. So, keep on reading for our accessorizing tips, so you can wear your versatile basics without being boring.

  1. Add a pop of color to your outfit with accessories.

Classic, neutral pieces can give you a timeless style, but it doesn’t hurt to wear some color that will add interest to your outfits. Do you know that you can even attract attention to your assets and take away the focus from your flaws with a bright color? If you think wearing a chic white dress can highlight some of your body flaws, try incorporating bold colored accessories like a red handbag or shoes that can catch the attention. Also, wearing bold colored accessories with your neutral outfits is a great way to look trendy without going overboard.

  1. Go creative with prints and patterns.

If you find your closet full of neutrals, simply update it with chic, printed accessories that will make it more fashionable. If you have a classic fashion personality, you can still wear prints—just go for neutral colors of black, white, gray, and brown. An African-print blanket scarf can reinvent a monochromatic look, making your everyday style more personal. On the other hand, a colorful floral print clutch can make your pastel outfit more playful and lively.

  1. Don't overdo belts.

Are you looking for a stylish and functional accessory? Go for belts—it’s meant to give you a polished look. However, don’t make use of belts just to make an ill-fitting garment fits because it will still give you a slouchy look. When choosing a belt, always go for styles that complement your outfit and your personality. If you wish for a carefree statement, go for a breezy bohemian-inspired dress that will look perfect with a cowboy belt. Or, be more creative by wearing your scarf as a belt that will make your basic button-up blouse and jeans chic.

  1. Get a trendy look by stacking bracelets or layering necklaces.

If “less is more” has been your fashion mantra, it’s time to shake things up. Create a trendy, fashion-forward look by wearing different lengths of necklaces all at once. Worn with an African-print maxi dress, long strands of necklaces that hit just below the bust will make you look taller and leaner. On contrary to the rules of mixing metals, you can actually pick a one shade as your base, and introduce a few contrasting pieces to make it look effortless.

  1. Match the color or print of your accessories to your outfit.

If you wish for a cohesive look, match the color of your accessory with the color of your prints. For instance, if you’re wearing a yellow top teamed with a printed skirt in brown, red, blue, and green shades, you may opt for a brown beaded necklace. For a bolder statement, match your prints instead. You may wear the same prints in your outfit and accessory like a head wrap, or mix different prints of the same color that will look trendy and fashion-forward.

  1. Complete the theme of your outfit with accessories.

When creating a unique outfit, paying attention to details is the key. Whether you wish for a romantic, classic, or eccentric fashion statement, you have to go for accessories that complement your theme. This will make your outfit more creative, as you can even go for the smallest details that express the theme, ambience, and mood of your outfit. For instance wearing a floral print dress will look more romantic with pink sunglasses, pink bag, and a chic hat. On the other hand, your African dress will look more festive with feather earrings or any African-inspired accessory.

Accessories are the finishing touches to any look. So, refresh your outfits with at least one statement piece, and you’ll make it go from good to knockout.

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