10 Yellow Oludan Pieces To Brighten Your Style

    Did you know that yellow is the first color the eye sees?

    According to psychology, yellow represents optimism and helps the left side of the brain with mental stimulation and activity. It is color blind safe which means people who are color blind can see it.

  You should consider adding this color to your wardrobe and you need not look any further.

  We at Oludan have picked our top ten yellow pieces that will brighten your style.

   Continue reading to find out how to brighten your style and identify different shades of colors.

   You can check for the bonus tip at the end of the article.


1 The African Print Simi Infinity dress

  Just as the blue color of sky complements the yellow sun, the blue steps on our African Print Simi Infinity dress add flavor to the vibrant yellow. This shade of yellow is vibrant and sets off well against the deep hue of blue. The intricate design of yellow with black on the upper part of the dress helps the blue steps blend in properly.

Do you want to look beautiful with little or no effort?

   Add this dress to your wardrobe and be sure to twirl round in it.


2 African Print Akuyo Maxi Dress

    Everyone deserves at least one beautiful Maxi dress, particularly the  African Print Akuyo Maxi Dress.

   This lemon shade of yellow is very tricky to combine because it comes off as pale to the eyes. Combining it with a strong color like purple brings out its shine.  Another advantage of the lemon shade is that it draws attention to you and your beautiful skin.


3 African Print Remi off shoulder top


    Do not forget that yellow is the first color the eye sees.

  This means that the shade of yellow in the gorgeous African Print Remi off shoulder top will catch the attention of people as you walk by. This colorful top is beautiful for hot sunny days and beach walks. Even in the crowd, you can not be invisible.

  Going for simple, comfortable and chic?

   Then this 13.5 inches length top is a must have.


4 African Olutaja head wrap and matching clutch



  You know the saying–less is more.

    Our African Olutaja head wrap and matching clutch with lemon hues has a unique way of bringing your outfit to life.      

   This combination communicates a great sense of style and creativity wherever you go.

    This 'less' is definitely 'more'


Titbits: Did you know that every shade of color has a HEX and RGB (Red, Green and Blue) color code?  If you are not sure about which shade of color you are wearing to an event, visit the HTML Color code site to learn about different shades of color.


5 African Print High Low Mimi Skirt

Our African Print High Low Mimi Skirt with its bright yellow color has a way of radiating light and bringing life to your environment. The color communicates optimism to your admirers and will definitely earn you a five star rating.

    This traditional Kente fabric with an all round pleats and secure centre back zipper announces your presence and is a must-have in your wardrobe.


 6  African Print Sumbo Tote Bag

    Why blend in, when you can stand out?


The African Print Sumbo Tote Bag has a shade of yellow called Daffodil.

  The shade of yellow is named after the flower that blooms between January to April. The Daffodil usually stands out and adds life to its environment.

    With a beautiful yellow and red design that speaks the language of convenience and style, you are sure to draw appreciative glances.

  You can take this beautiful bag to work. It can also serve as an overnight bag or as a travel bag for a short trip.

    Brighten your style and stand out with this bag in your wardrobe.


7 African Print Ariya Maxi Skirt.


   Shine bright with our African Print Ariya Maxi Skirt.

    One of the best qualities of the color yellow is that it can mix well with most colors. This shade of yellow is known as Lemon. This lemon shade can easily blend in with strong colors and communicates that you are not afraid of taking a fashion risk.

    You can pair the look with a yellow top and heels.

   Be sure to smile when you receive compliments on this outfit.


8 African Print Chinara Maxi Skirt

  Did you know that wearing a yellow dress suggests that you are an active, creative, and exciting woman?

   Allow your creativity to find expression in your outfit by adding our African Print Chinara Maxi Skirt with its vibrant yellow color to your wardrobe.

    Rock this African Print skirt with a beautiful white or black top and let others find inspiration through you.


9 African Print Kente backpack


 Let your style be where modern meets culture with our African Print Kente backpack.

    This dome shaped backpack with its gold hues is spacious enough for your laptop, books and makeup.

   Be comfortable and chic with the bag's adjustable sturdy padded shoulder straps and a set of straps to wrap around your stomach for extra support.

   Get your African Print Kente backpack and upgrade your style.


10 African Print Deka Midi Dress 


   Let your style come alive in our yellow and blue African Print Deka Midi Dress.

  This shade of yellow is called fire and reflects fierceness and confidence. Shine like the lioness that you are.  

   This must-have 32 inches dress can be paired with heels or sneakers and will definitely brighten up your day.


   These 10 yellow Oludan pieces will definitely brighten your style and your day when you add them to your wardrobe.

  Continue to shine.


Infographic for Different Shades of Yellow.


Photo credits: Pinterest


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