About Us



Oludan is a Dallas, Texas based African online fashion brand that sells and promotes ethnic diversity in clothing, accessories and interior decoration. It was launched in April 2016 by May Olusola to showcase vintage and contemporary African prints in trendy styles that appeals to stylish women and men from all backgrounds and race.


I have always loved fashion and wanted to do something African fashion related for the longest. Growing up under the wings of an African fashionista mother (from Ghana and Nigeria) carved the style crave in me from day one. Ankara, George and Adire (African prints) have always fascinated me. I grew up around them and today they are almost growing on everything around me. It seems like an inevitable invasion from the colorful Ankara planet has taken over my life:)

My mother in Ankara with leather trimming in 1972
My mother in Ankara with leather trimming in 1972

Although I lacked the boldness that propelled my mother’s bon ton aura, I knew the day will come for me to take the fashion bull by its complex horn and dance in a ring of bright patterns. Luckily, the beat has been remarkable and I am dancing more than I anticipated.

Elizabeth Oyairo - My mom
My mom wearing African wax print in 1999.

My insecurities barred my pursuit for the longest. I was so sure I didn’t possess what it takes to reside in the world of stitching, cutting and bringing fabrics to life. When online stores started showing up and showing out in the nineties, I watched and daydreamed till my fear of the unknown strangled any hope I had of owning one.

Thank God there is always an appointed time. April 2016 was my turn-around month. It started with a young dynamic woman convincing me to take the first step. For some strange reason, her conversation planted its root in my mind. The light bulb finally came on. I decided to follow her recommendation and the rest is history. Oludan was born two weeks later. The name is a coined combination of the names of my two sons: Olumide and Daniel.

Everything happened so fast. I have a small but mighty team with an incredible flow of creative juice.

New designs come out every month and it so fulfilling to hear back from satisfied customers. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope you order from us at your convenience.

May Olusola
May Olusola in Ankara fabric.