7 Hottest Fall Trends That Will Make 2018 Your Most Stylish Year Yet

Hottest fall trends 2018

A surefire way to stand out is to make your style unique and personal—either by incorporating the latest trends or by making your outfit combinations creative. While you can rely on a few timeless pieces, refreshing your looks with trends never hurts. So, keep on reading for the 7 hottest fall trends that will make 2018 your most stylish year yet.

  1. Animal Prints


Even though a lot of fashion designers are stepping away from incorporating real fur in their designs, animal prints are still in this fall season. In fact, Tom Ford featured leopard suits in bold shades in his recent fall collection, giving an ode to the ’80s. Yes, fur might be on its way out, but it doesn’t mean animal prints can’t inspire your wardrobe.

If you’re looking to make a bold statement on a fall party, trade your little black dress to a leopard print outfit. Just think of gold accessories and ankle boots and you’re good to go.

  1. Safety Orange


Do you know that Raf Simons presented his collection for Calvin Klein with dominant color of safety orange? In fact, he got his inspiration cinema—think of thriller heroines, heroes and antiheroes.

Since “safety orange” is a big trend for fall, be creative on incorporating the color to your look. If you want to ground the bold color for an office look, think of teaming an orange blouse with a neutral print coat and skirt, making everything sleek at the same time professional.

If you think the punchy shade is too strong for you, go for fiery shades of ochre, rust, and terracotta instead. On the contrary, going an unexpected color combination on your outfits will make your fall looks bold and creative.

  1. Metallics


Do you know that foil-like fabrics are a major trend this fall? Psychedelic, shiny, and reflective, metallics will make your style fashion-forward and statement-making. Whether you like it as an accent or as a head-to-toe look, there are lots of metallic options out there.

Metallic jackets, coats, shoes, bags, and dresses reigned over the runways. You can always test the metallic trend with accessories, but a metallic silver dress will make you standout on any fall party. To ground the blinding color for the day, wear it with a casual piece—think of your favorite jeans, graphic tee, sweater, or a leather jacket.

Yes, it’s time to incorporate the psychedelic color this fall season. After all, wearing any metallic piece will put you on a spotlight.

  1. Denim Sets


The Canadian Tuxedo is back, but this season its style was amplified by unique silhouettes and modern lines. In fact, Miu Miu and Stella McCartney presented their denim collection featuring acid washed details, taking you back to the eighties. So think of refreshing your favorite denim pieces with washed-out ones and you’ll surely look fashion-forward this fall.

Also, expect to see denim in patchwork styles this fall as it already got the runway thumbs-up from brands like Dior. But if you want to get a little trendy with your Casual Friday look at the office, trade your dark-washed jeans with a denim pencil skirt and chambray top—and dress up your outfit with classic pumps.

Yes, denim ensembles are the backbone of fall season—and copping a fresh piece for the colder months feels like a treat.

  1. High Gloss Patent Leather


Our vintage-inspired trend is officially back as patent leather has become a modern-day fall staple. Going for an all-black look is timeless, but jewel tones and lighter neutrals will make you more creative. Even though the glossier the better, you should keep the rest of your outfit simple with dainty accessories and minimalist shapes.

If you think the trend will only take you back to the ’60s and ’70s, look for patent leather ensembles that give off a modern vibes—pastel colored coats, A-line skirts, structured tops, boxy jackets and such.

  1. Layers

Hottest fall trends for 2018 by Oludan blog

This season, fall runways from Balenciaga to Marc Jacobs showcased collections with creative layers. A great thing, the art of layering can showcase your artistic skills while keeping you warm in the cooler months ahead.

The easiest way to rock the trend is to accessorize with printed scarves—and according to pros, the bigger and more blanket-like the better. If you wish to extend the life of your warm-weather ensembles, wear them with your fall outerwear, chunky sweaters, and ankle boots.

Remember, more layers create more warmth, so don’t be to use this style hack to experiment with colors, patterns, and shapes too.

  1. Oversized Outerwear


As the temperature drops, we tend to throw on an oversize coat and call it a day. Luckily, oversized is a major trend this fall season, and it takes a cue from menswear-inspired silhouettes.

The key to rock the oversized look is to wear your coat with polished pieces. Teaming an oversized coat with baggy trousers, top, or sweater will only make you look shapeless, so always find the right proportion. If you’re wearing a menswear-inspired coat, balance it with more feminine ensembles, and keeping the rest of your outfit subtle and your accessories neutral.

8. Hot Pink/Fuschia color

Hottest fall trends 2018 by Oludan blog
Hottest fall trends 2018 by Oludan blog

Fuchsia is the preeminent fall 2018 color as seen on several runways.  The bright and vivid color replaces the barely-there Spring pink. Wear and make a fashion statement with it.

By incorporating this fall trends into your style, you’ll surely make 2018 your most stylish year yet.

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