5 Different Ways to Style Your African Print Skirt

African Print High/low orange and yellow skirt

By Lisa Adewale

The African Print fashion industry is moving at a very fast pace with new designs, styles and prints.  I’m fascinated that no matter how wide the industry expands, African Print popularly known as “Ankara” never loses its value. The bright colors, distinctive designs, and hand-made quality portrays its rich cultural meaning. Africans take the meanings and spirituality of the colors in their cloth very seriously because the colors are significant and tend to interpret the meaning of the pattern. For example, gold represents wealth and fertility, red represents tension in the spiritual or political world and is viewed in certain cases as the color of blood. Blue represents love and peace. Green represents prosperity and life and is also a medicinal color while white represents spirituality and purity.

African print maxi skirt
African print maxi skirt

As a result of its alluring designs, African Prints have graced and still grace international runways, keep winning laurels and have been worn by celebrities like Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Kimora Lee Simmons and Gabrielle Union amongst many others. Styles, and designs available for African Prints are endless. This is what makes fashion lovers constantly fascinated by it. Below is a photo of Beyoncé in an African Print top and face cap.


Oludan fashion line is sewn with mostly African Print fabrics. From pants to skirts to dresses, bags and so forth, we sleep and breathe all things Ankara. Since our bestselling product are our skirts, this article is dedicated to the different ways a customer or reader can style their African Print skirt. Our most popular skirt is our maxi skirt – a style in generational vogue and is loved by many. It is easy to add or hide body layers in a maxi skirt which makes it the perfect wardrobe item for most ladies. Maxi skirts don’t have a seasonal break. They can be own throughout the year.

Ankara maxi skirt
Pairing a turtleneck with our Ankara maxi skirt


Below are few tips on how to style your Oludan skirt:

Pair the skirt with a top/blouse that will complement the color of the skirt

The different prints and colors on Ankara fabric sometimes makes it difficult to choose what top or blouse to pair with it. A simple tip to choosing the perfect top is to pick a one with the same colour as the predominant colour on the Ankara fabric. When in doubt of which colour matches most, choose white, black or a denim top. The Ankara maxi skirt can be worn with a tank top, blouse, shirt, tees or even blazers; the choice of top can transform you from fancy to funky, corporate casual to playful weekend ensembles, formal or semi-formal look depending on the occasion.

Oludan African print skirt
The right blouse/top makes your Oludan African print skirt pop.

Accessorise with Jewellery

Accessories are the perfect finish to every outfit; it completes the total ensemble and helps to add more glamour to the woman. When wearing an Ankara skirt, choose accessories that complement the colour shades on the Ankara print. Alternatively, you can choose your accessories based on the color of footwear or bag.  Whichever option you choose, never wear your Ankara without an accessory. If your top is a shirt that buttons to the neck, or a turtle neck, you can still accessorize with a statement necklace. Because of its vibrant prints and patterns, you can wear any type of accessory on the Ankara maxi skirt – pearls, chunky necklace, statement necklace, beads, etc.

Oludan African print skirt
You can never go wrong with matching jewellry.


Model in African print maxi skirt
Model in African print maxi skirt and matching jewellry.

Use a belt to cinch your waist

Even though most Ankara skirts have a waist band, sometimes the waistbands are not well-fitted and don’t flaunt the feminine shape. A belt cinches your waist and flaunts the curvy shape of woman, hence adding more elegance to the total outlook. But for the Oludan maxi skirt, you don’t need a belt as the waist band is made to fit; some customers also request a sash long enough to make a bow tie.

Belt on Ankara skirt
Belt to emphasize one’s waist when necessary


Wear heels for composure and charisma

 A good pair of heels makes a lady feel better about her appearance and this generally boosts her confidence. It adds some poise to the way you walk and gives you an assertive appearance which automatically singles you out from the crowd. When a woman is in heels, she stands tall and her legs look toned which makes her appear trimmer.

Midi Dashiki skirt with high heels
High heel shoes changes the dynamics of the ensemble.


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